About Us

‘Four Seasons Dairy was established in 1999 as an alternative to ‘conventional milk products’ that were produced from cows injected with bovine growth hormones (BGH), or ones that underwent genetic modification and were sometimes exposed to ionizing radiation. More often than not the feed of these cows was also found to be contaminated with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. This led to an alarming increase in diseases among people who frequently consumed products from these cows. So as farmers we thought that milk which is such a rich source of nutrients including vitamins A & B, calcium, carbohydrate, magnesium, phosphorous, protein, riboflavin, and zinc should be taken well care of especially since it is consumed by children during their growing years.

We had a fair bit of knowledge about organic farming. So capitalizing on this knowledge base we got together and began rearing the cows on our farmlands organically. We wanted to do something different that would benefit both the community and the environment. It was not at all easy to tread the untrodden path at a time when ‘conventional methods’ of farming were more prevalent. But driven by a strong will and motivation we were determined to bring about a turnaround in the quality of ‘dairy products’ drastically. As votaries of sustainable agriculture we developed an approach that appealed to people immediately and also turned out to be a blessing for family farms and rural communities.

We not just focused on the cows, our efforts were centered around growing organic vegetables as well because we wanted to ensure that the feed of the cows were devoid of any kind of artificial chemicals. We began on a low profile but with a steady increase in demand we expanded our operations and today we cover the whole of North America, although our farms are located in the Wisconsin area only. Some of our product line includes “butter”, “brinza”, “cheese”, “farmer’s cheese”, “yoghurt”, “sour cream”, “organic”, “probiotic” and etc.